E-Library of proceedings
PACIS 1997
1 Information Security in electronic Commerce
W.J. Caelli
2 Information Technologies and the Transformation of Japanese Industry
Jiro Kokuryo
3 Information Systems Outsoucing and Insourcing: Lessons and Experiences
Rudy Hirschheim,Mary C. Lacrty
4 Improving Recall in Web Information Retrieval via Genetic Programming
Karen S.K. Cheung,Nabil Kamel
5 Infrastructure Support for Mobile Information Systems in Australia
M. El-Wazer , A. Zaslavsky
6 Truth-telling Problems in Virtual Society: Higher Order Hypergame
Kyoichi Kijima
7 Appropriate Policy Enforcement through the use of Network information Brokers
CD Keen & JW Lamp
8 A Multi-Dimensional Study Of WWW Use In Hong Kong
Mlng-Te Lu
9 Simulating International EDI Trading: the TREAT Experiment
Craig M. Parker, Paula M.C. Swatman
10 Internet-based Small Business Communication: Seven Australian Cases
Simpson Poon; Paula M. C. Swatman
11 User-Customized Financial Reporting: The Potential of Database Accounting and the Internet
Gary P. Schneider ; Paul L. Bowen,
12 Regional Network Access and its Inherent Problems
Yasuhiko Tamura
13 Business Use Of Internet: A Critical Analysis And A Set Of Propositions
Anand Vadapalli; K. Ramamurthy
14 Supporting Electronic Commerce with Interoperable Trade Documents
Hung Wing; Robert M. Colomb
15 Essential Principles for Workflow Modelling Effectiveness
A. P. Barros; A. H. M. ter Hofstede; H. A. Proper

Business Process Reengineering
Tracey Osborne

17 A Bottom-up Approach to Distributed Workflow
Hung Wing; Chengfei Liu; Robert M. Colomb
18 Intelligent Computer Tools for Supporting Human Negotiation: System and Research
Emilia Bellucci ;John Zeleznikow , Crigoris Antoniou
19 Developing new group work practices: An evaluation of the design and use of groupware-based work systems for a graduate student course in Information System
Penny Collings, Dale Kleeman, Avon Richards-Smith and David Walker

An X-window-based Distributed Application for Cooperative Work
D. B. Hoang

21 An Investigation of the Effects of GDSS and Task Type on Group Influence Behavior
Wei Huang, K.K. Wei, and Y.M. Xi
22 Collaborative information technology and new organizational forms: A case of consulting firm
Matthew Jones, Helena Karsten
23 Organizational Factors Outweigh Technical Factors for Achieving Group Support Systems Success
Myungsub Lee, Lorne Olfman
24 Revisiting the Effect of Electronic Meeting Systems: A Meta-analysis of Literature
Shin-Yuan Hung, Jin-Shang Huang, Meng-Hsang Hsu, Ting-Peng Liang
25 A Cross-Cultural Study of the Group Polarization Phenomenon
Ajay S. Vinze and Maha El-Shinnawy
26 Executive Information System Failure: A New Zealand Case Study
Wendy S. Bussen, Michael D. Myers
27 Can the Use of a DSS Improve Decision Making?
Michael Lawrence & Marcus O'Connor
28 Aggregated Data And Decision Processes:Limitations And Bottlenecks For Effrctive Support
Fred A.B Lohman,Henk G. Sol
29 An Experimental Study of the Impact of a Computer-based Decision Aid on the
Forecast of Exponential Data

Peter A. O'Donnell, David R. Arnott and Vincent P. Yeo
Susanna C.S. Yuen
31 Modelling discretion in the Split Up system
John Zeleznikow
32 Utilising the WWW for Assignment Management: The Development of a Working Prototype at Southern Cross University
Rod Bymes, Julian Dimbleby, Bruce Lo, Sue Plunkett, George Lee Stuart
33 Techniques for Teaching Professionalism to IT Students
Jennifer Goddard , Lorraine Staehr
34 The Use of Internet Technology to Enhance the Learning Experience for Students and Provide a Richer Teaching Environment
IV. G. Hewett, C. Goodwin
35 An Empirical Investigation of the Electronic Classroom
Bruce A. Reinig, Robert O. Briggs
36 Do General MBA Programmes Provide an Adequate Education in IT? Results from a Survey of IT Academics' Perceptions

Chris Sauer,Rajeev Sharma,Barbara Potter

37 Large Packaged Software: the need for research
Guy Gable, Roelf van den Heever, Judy Scott, Steve Erlank
38 Gender and Cultural Influences in IT Education
Liisa A. von Hellens,Sue H. Nielsen,Anita Greenhill,Rosemary Pringle
39 Impacts of IS  on Capabilities, Interactions, Orientations and values
Kim Viborg Andersen, James N. Danziger
40 A Conceptual Framework for Furthering Understanding of 'IT business value' and its Dimensions
Marguerite C Cronk, Edmond P Fitzgerald
41 A Model Of Organizational Adoption Of Information Technology
Ali F. Farhoomand, Don H. Drury
42 Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) in Australia : The Australian Grocery Industry in 1996
Mr. John Harris,Paula M.C. Swatman
43 Analysis of Telemedicine's Impact on Organizational Competitiveness and Consumers' Value Adding
Paul Jen-Hwa Hu, Olivia R. Liu Sheng, and Chih-Ping Wei
Ernest Jordan, Janice Bum
45 IT investment management: A case study and survey on the effects of IT Usage on Organisational strategic performance in Financial institutions
Johan Nel
46 Calculating performance of business systems in information systems analysis
Asto, Ryo
47 CASE Success at Bank of Queensland
Bob Smyth
48 Toward A Systematic Evaluation of Large-Scale Information Systems: A Framework and Application
Dr. James M. Tien
49 Development of a scale for measuring user computer experience
Farieh Yahmaie and Rohan Jayasuriya
50 Maintaing Software Maintainability: Controlling the Rate of Software Deterioration
Taizen Chan, Tech Hua Ho
51 Assessment Model for Software Maintenance Tools: A Conceptual Framework
Md. Khaled Khan, M. K. Ramakrishnan, Bruce Lo
52 Attidudes of Singapore Maintentance Personnel Towards Maintenance Work
Wui-Gee Tan, Guy G. Gable
53 Compliance Monitoring in a Complex Environment: An Overview
Peter Goldschmidt
54 Developing User Sophistication in the Organization: An Empirical Investigation
Annette M Mills, Dr. Robert J. McQueen
55 Problems with Organizational Implementation of an IS as Diagnostic Information
Chris van Zanten,Steve C.A. Peters,Michael S.H Heng
56 The Brain and the firm: Perspectives on the networked organisation and the cognitive metaphor
Francis Wilson
57 Managing Information Technology Infrastructure Capability for international Business Operations
Marianne Broadbent,Carey Butler
58 Are Accountants Ready for Their Roles as Information Systems Planners and Managers?
Donald J. Falconer,Alan Hodgett
59 The Impact Of los-Enabled Virtual Value Chain On Business Outcomes: Transformation Of Japan Airlines
Akemi Takeoka Chatfield, Niels Bjorn-Andersen
60 Linkage Between Business Plans and Information System Strategies Across Hospital Organisational Networks
Susan Keyes-Pearce
61 Linking Organisation Culture to IS Strategy:A model and interim results
C.D. O'Mahony,C.N.G. (Kit) Dampney
62 The Role of Information Systems Planning in Hong Kong Business
D. Lance Revenaugh, Alex Lu
63 Industry-Government Collaboration: Queensland 's IT&T Strategy and the Information Industries Board
David Abercrombie,Guy G. Gable
64 Internet-Based Entrepreneurial Networking To Evolve The Japanese Industrial
Hikari Akizawa Kyoichi Kijima
65 Singapore as a Node of Transnational Operations: A Study of The Disk Drive Industry
C.S. Yap and E.C.H. Ong
66 The Quality of Data and its Effect on Information Usage
Janet Aisbett, Greg Gibbon and Felicity Lear
67 A Case Study Of The Reliability Of Business Information Systems
Paul L Bowen, Ph.D., CPA AND Jon Hea/es AND Monthira T. Vongphakdi
68 Confluence Of Culture And Information Technology In Thailand
Rick Gibson, Ph.D.
69 Client Perceptions of the Value of Vendor Quality Certification
Robert Grigg
70 A Contingency Based Capability Maturity Model for Developing Countries
Syed Zahoor Hassan and Khalid Sherdil
71 Software Testing for Specialised Applications-Screenflow Engineering: A case study
John Paynter
72 Expert Commentary on Videoed Expertise (EXCOVE): An approach to knowledge elicitation in little-understood, complex domains
Philip Carter and Prof. Jon Patrick
73 Automatic Diagram Traversal for Information Visualization
Dr Wei Lai ;Maurice Danaher
74 The Nature of Data, Information and Knowledge Exchanges in Business Processes: Implications for Process Improvement and Organisational Learning
Nereu F. Kock Jr. Robert J. McQueen James L. Corner
75 Behavioural Issues in Information Systems Design, Development and Implementation: A Process Modelling Framework
G.M. McGrath
76 Quality in Conceptual Modelling: Linking Theory and Practice
Graeme Shanks & Peta Darke
77 Building and Using Corporate Data Models: A Case Study of Four Australian Banks
Graeme Shanks1 & Paul Swatman
78 Toward Design and Analysis of Organizational Intelligence through Learning Multiagent Systems
Takao Terano
79 Discovering Meaning in IS Design (research in progress)
Jim Underwood
Zeha;Zhou ;Olivia R. Liu Sheng
81 A Formal Security Design Approach for Transformation of Authorizations in Information Systems
Yun Bai & Vijay Varadharajan
82 Using Time Series Methods in Profiling Computer User Activity for Intrusion Detection: Case Study Results
Professor Peter Best ;George Mohay ;Ms Alison Anderson
83 The "Sloppy" Modelling Of An Information Security Risk Model
Elizabeth Gl,lrrie1, Alison Anderson and Joachim Diederich
84 Layered Protection of Availability
Jussipekka Leiwo and Yufiang Zheng